How To Refuse A Package USPS

Want to Refuse a USPS package and don’t know how to do it? Read this post till the end. You will find all the information here. 

Many people want to refuse USPS packages, because of some reason like they don’t want to accept that Package, they are not at home or any other reason, you’re one of them? If yes! Then your searches end here.

First of all, we need to know what does Refusing a package means, refusing a package means you’re not accepting that Package or you’re not able to accept that Package because of some issues.

Now let’s come to the main question, how can you reject a USPS delivery, so there are two conditions when you decide to refuse that Package, let’s get to the info about that.

How To Refuse A Package USPS

USPS is serving delivery all around the world, so the customer can receive and send packages through them by using various services, so sometimes by mistakes some people fill another address, so they not go to the receiver or may you receive another people packages,

Then you’ve options to refuse that Package, so the Package will return to the sender, sometimes it happens to customers because of many reasons or by mistakes so that the receiver can send back that parcel to the sender, or

If you’re not at your or you’ve some other issues related to packages, then you can tell them to refuse that Package.

Conditions When your Refusal or Return Can Be Done:

Here are the conditions when your Refusal or Return Can Be Done, but it is not only for USPSmail it works on other online store orders too, I hope you will understand.

  • If you received a damaged product, you could return it.
  • if the Package contains is missing, then you can return or refuse your Package.
  • The package you’ve Received doesn’t belong to you, and You haven’t even opened it, then you can return it.
  • If you’re not at your home and don’t want a package that time, you can hold or refuse that Package.

Following Items May Not Be Refused

  • Package/mail sent as registered mail or certified mail.
  • Response mail to the addresses like sales promotion and announcement mail.
  • If you signed the acknowledgement receipt at delivery time, then you can’t refuse the Package.

These are the reasons that might be returned and not be returned, hope you will get the info.

Refuse the USPS Mail/package At the Time of delivery

If you find the Package that comes to you is not yours or any other reason which I’ve mentioned above, you can refuse that Package.

Refusal After the delivery of Package

The mail is delivered to you, and you don’t want that Package because it is not yours, then you can return it to the sender by writing ‘Refused’ on the box or front of that Package, and One more thing is that the Package you must not open then you’re able to return.


  • If you don’t want the Package and it reaches you, then you can write ‘refused’ on the Package’s top and refuse it.
  • If your shipment is on the way to you or it comes to the delivery address and want to refuse that Package, you need to inform about the mail/package to the post office.

Here is the process of how you return the Package.

  1. Write ‘Refused’ on the mailbox or on that Package, and then you can to return. [I recommend you to use a black marker to write Refused because it can be easier for anyone to understand.]
  2. Make the dark line or cross on the barcode and address. [ you can also ask customer support or post office staff about that.]
  3. Drop the Package in the post office’s mailbox or hand over to the head or clerk of the post office.

Please Note: If you opened the mailpiece, it wouldn’t be refused.

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Faqs related to How To Refuse A Package USPS

Does USPS Charge For The Returned Packages?

No, there is no charge on return if the Package is delivered to the wrong address.

If the shipment service is insured First-Class Mail, First-Class Package Service – Retail, First-Class Package Service, Commercial, and Priority mail pieces, then it can be returned without any extra charges.

Who Pays For The Refused Package or Shipment?

The sender will pay for the refused Package, customers who refuse that Package will won’t pay.

How long does it take for a refused USPS package to be returned to the sender?

It usually takes 5–7 days; if any issues happen in the backend, the package’s delivery takes 1-2 weeks max.


I hope you will get all of your answers if you’ve any doubt or queries you can log in to and ask the support team about that. 

The Concept of refusing and returning will clear to you and now will understand How To Refuse A Package USPS if you’ve any doubt comment down below, I’ll try to solve your queries and if you find this post helpful share it with your friend and family members.

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