What Does In Transit To Destination Mean? – Everything You Should Know

Sometimes USPS says ‘The Item Is Currently In Transit To The Destination‘ and if you don’t know the meaning of this notification and want to know What Does it Mean? Stay tuned with this post.

USPS offers many services and features for their customers; one of them is product tracking. The tracking features allow their customers to track shipped products or packages and keep updated about the shipments.

While tracking, they show a progress bar where you see The Item Is Currently In Transit To The Destination or other status which may confuse many peoples and may you also,

In this post, we’ve tried to share all the details related to USPS tracking status info to clarify your Doubt.

Let’s get the answer from this post,

What Does In-Transit To Destination Mean?

When your product shipped from somewhere or you shipped any packages to deliver somewhere through USPS, USPS start processing your product to deliver to the destination, 

so the processing work, when it goes on the way to the delivery location, all these processes called Item Is Currently In Transit To The Destination.

How Much Time Does USPS take to deliver the package?

There is no specific time to deliver the product; it depends on shipping location to destination difference and how much packages they have to deliver today. Most services take guarantee to deliver product within estimated time like USPS mail express,

But almost every time, they take a short time to reach your delivery location but sometimes more.

Other USPS tracking status with meaning

When you go to the website to track your packages, you must have noticed that there are multiple progress bars and may some questions pop in your mind like what is this and what does it mean.

Let me tell you,

Every progress bar shows your shipment status like what the current status of your products, Where is that now, and others. 

Let’s know about all of that,


Many people are confused about “What does pre-shipment mean?“, so the pre-shipment meaning is USPS got all your mail items or shipment information.

If Pre-shipment status is showing on your shipment, it means they received information about your shipment, but they’ve not started processing yet.

In short, USPS has only received information about your products, and they have not started processing, when they start processing your shipment, then the status will automatically change.


Confused in What does Accepted mean? Accepted is the second stage of progress bar; it means USPS has accepted your shipment.

When your package or shipments have been given to USPS and USPS accepts that order, so they notify you through the accepted progress bar that your shipment has been accepted.

In Transit

In Transit is the third stage of the program bar, it means USPS ship your package, and now it’s on the way to the destination.

As I mentioned earlier, when which means your product is one the way to your location or The Item Is Currently In Transit To The Destination is called In Transit.

In short your package is in Transit and it will reach the delivery destination within a few days. I hope now you will understand this.


It’s the most popular tracking status that everyone wants to see is Delivered status means the package has reached its final destination and delivered successfully to the customer.

If you don’t receive the package, but it shows delivered then you can check delivered status and the name of the person who received your product on websites, so you can easily verify with them.

Status not available

Sometimes “Status not available” will show you while tracking your shipment, it means tracking id, which you’ve entered is incorrect or there is no update related to your package yet.

Don’t be panic if you see this status, recheck your tracking id or try again after some time.


Want to know What does Alert mean? When your package is shipped, but there is an issue that causes some issues in delivery that may delay your package.

If Alert status appears in your shipment, do not hesitate to contact customer support to know what’s an issue, and also you will get to know the update about your shipment.

Multiple tracking numbers

If you’ve entered multiple tracking ids but not showing details about all the packages, I can tell you there is no option to know all the details at the same time of multiple packages,

In case of multiple tracking ids you’ve to click on “+ (plus)” sign to each track is to know details about that package.

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As you see above all the details related What Does It Means When USPS Says The Item Is Currently In Transit To The Destination and other tracking status meaning, I hope you liked this post.

If you’ve any queries related to this post, comment down below.

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